CCP Ltd - the oldest Russian parquet companies

CCP Ltd - one of the first Russian companies based on parquet servicing jobs. Our work includes parquet floor sanding, wooden floor sanding, laying wooden floors and parquet floor repairs. We have not only brought these and many other services out to qualified, professional level, but also continue to improve it, continually striving for the fullest satisfaction of our customers. Consistently positive feedback from those who have already used the services of CCP is a good sign of well established company.

CCP Ltd –  beautiful, parquet designed wooden flooring for your home and business!

CCP, Ltd – whether you want the beauty of a new parquet designed wooden floor for your home or business or need repairs and restoration to your existing wooden flooring... consider CCP, Ltd for the best professional service.

Offering a full range of parquet works - laying, sanding and polishing parquet wood for the best results lasting years!  

CCP’s qualified staff use the most innovative technologies of floor preparation, sanding and laying parquet designed floors in a wide variety of materials.

Wood floors are durable and reliable but can require professional treatment especially of rare woods that make parquet designs beautiful.

Our qualified staff are masters in the innovative technologies of floor preparation, sanding and laying parquet designed floors in a wide variety of materials.

In addition, CCP’s professionals are knowledgeable in rare woods that can enhance your parquet patterned wood to create a durable, reliable floor that will be a centrepiece of aesthetic beauty in your home or business. 

It would seem that wooden flooring is durable and reliable for your house. However, the wood is a material that requires constant and professional treatment, especially if we are talking about rare types of wood. As a result, we supervise the qualifications of our staff to make sure that they are regularly enhancing their skills and mastering the innovative technologies of the business. Subsequently we offer our clients a wide range of high quality services, such as: different floor sanding, laying floor with wide varieties of materials and other related jobs.

CCP Ltd offers environmentally friendly products with attention to  the highest European manufacture and certified standards of quality and safety. 

To ensure durability, reliability and striking results, we use the best and lately approved European paint manufacturers. Before using, we try and approve specific product to be able to guarantee you the quality and safety. That is why we pay exceptional attention to environmentally friendly products, manufactured according to highest European standards and certified properly. Lying parquet, sanding or polishing the floor with the CCP Ltd - is not only quality approved but also environmentally safe! 

Restoration and repair of parquet - modern technology to secure reliability and style!

Over time, even perfectly laid parquet loses its beauty and aesthetics, and flooring is an important part of a presentation for landlord, a house or business. We will restore your floors to original appearance!  Our specialists use only proven, tested and highest quality products –working with Bona, Loba, and German Lagler industry leaders.

To provide all services (whether sanding, repairs or other hardwood flooring work), we apply the innovative technology of the German company Lagler. Thanks to this equipment, we provide clients not only high quality results, but also a comfortable process of work. Forget about the old technology from a decade ago! Forget about noise and dust! With the latest developments we carry hardwood work virtually silent! 

CCP Ltd is pleased to answer any questions or concerns you may have about products or job detail... we strive to make your experience with us go good that you will be proud to recommend our services.

CCP Ltd makes bonuses, promotions and discounts available to our clients so please contact us today for a free estimate!

First of all, we would like to say that every client is important for us! And even if it is first time you needed your floors sanded or parquet laid, if you contact our company we will find the best option that is most effective and affordable for you to receive our services. We provide free consultation with site visits from qualified technicians and present full plan of works (possible plan),make sure that we speak with the client about all the details of the job and try to  match the needs of the client. 

We have developed several packages, including bonuses, discounts and gifts. Depending on your desires and capabilities, you can choose to "economy" and "elite" version. In any case, we will make every effort to ensure that you are satisfied with the quality of service, the result of this work and, of course, the savings that we provide to you. 

Special offers are also designed for businesses. Packages include choice of materials and implementation of activities for local middle and the total mass of walking. 

Finally, some good news for our future partners - in cooperation with us you will receive a special status to support the CCP, which will provide your business a harmonious and efficient development. 

But remember - we only work with suppliers of skilled and quality services. 

CCP Ltd - parquet of elite-level, accessible to everyone!

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